Speech and Language Services

Here at All Academics Plus, we help children become successful learners and develop better relationships with adults and peers by addressing the speech, language and learning needs of children who come to us for help.

Our therapists have degrees in speech language pathology and extensive experience working with children of all ages to customize the program that best fits the client’s needs.  At All Academics Plus, our therapists give recommendations and follow up activities after each treatment session so that parents can be fully involved in their child’s progress.


We believe that every student deserves an individualistic approach to education which is why our tutoring services are completely customized to meet each student’s unique needs, learning style, and decencies.

All Academics Plus tutoring services are designed to provide support for all students. Our highly qualified tutors not only teach academic skills, but also serve as mentors and coaches, encouraging and guiding our students throughout the school year.

Test Prep

With our expertise and the right preparation, your child can ace their exam.  We’ve prepared students for end of the year exams, the SAT, ACT, GRE, ASVAB, and GED.  Not only do we teach test taking strategies and techniques, but we ensure that every student has a strong grasp of the academic concepts. Your child will walk into the test with confidence and the knowhow on attacking the test.

ASVAB Test Prep

Do you want to score higher on your ASVAB? Then we are the solution for you. Come study with our highly qualified instructors who are here to help you get the best score possible. With a small group environment that is focused on the topics of the test, you will see RESULTS!

Summer Academic Camps

Our summer academic camps are designed to inspire students to engage in creativity and enhance their academia by combining art, literature, and mathematics for our elementary and middle schoolers.  Our high school camps are catered specifically to the clientele.  Each course is created and customized to teach the focus concepts of the course chosen.

tyke & caregiver classes thumbnail

Tyke & Caregiver Classes

Play, Learn, & Grow!!
A functional multi-sensory approach that focuses on language development and social interaction.

Step by Step College Acceptance Classes

We have experts at coaching college applicants through all phases of the college application process. We can help you every step of the way. Our two week classes are designed to give you maximum flexibility. You can sign up for a little bit of help or a lot, with every piece of the process or just one or two. You choose. We got you covered for getting into college.


Do you want to learn Spanish for school, travel, business, legal, or everyday needs?  Then we are the solution for you.  Connect with our highly qualified staff who are bilingual and start to move in the direction of accomplishing your goals.  With the option of private or group sessions, you will see RESULTS.  

Clases De Inglés – Adult English Classes

Adults require encouragement and a positive learning environment to overcome their fear of failure in the English classroom. At higher levels, we broaden instruction to look at reading and writing skills in English.  Our native speaking instructors will customize the lessons to meet the needs of the students.  With the option of one on one and group sessions students will excel in learning English.

Los adultos requieren estímulo y un ambiente de aprendizaje positivo para superar su miedo al fracaso en el aula de inglés. En los niveles superiores, ampliamos la instrucción para ver las habilidades de lectura y escritura en inglés. Nuestros instructores nativos personalizarán las lecciones para satisfacer las necesidades de los estudiantes. Con la opción de sesiones privadas o grupales, los estudiantes sobresaldrán en el aprendizaje del inglés.


If you are considering homeschool, or are currently homeschooling.  We will assist in all areas of homeschool.  We can test your child, teach them an entire course, and provide guidance for all aspects of homeschool.  We customize our course to meet the needs of the child.  Our state certified and degreed staff will ensure your family is 100% satisfied with all aspects of your child’s academics.

Corporate Training

We offer two modalities: Corporate English Training and Corporate Spanish Training

With our Corporate Training Packages, our certified instructors are native Spanish speakers and English teachers.  This dynamic pairing allows optimal training opportunities for your company by incorporating real life conversation scenarios that can be applied immediately within your staff.  Depending on the package your company chooses, your staff will walk away feeling confident in the written and oral language techniques to converse comfortably in either English or Spanish.