Meet the Owners
Faith Florence
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Faith Florence considers herself a life-long learner. She holds a current Virginia teaching license with many accolades. After receiving a Master’s in Literacy Leadership in 2007, she came aboard as an Adjunct Professor in the Educational Department at Old Dominion University. She taught numerous educational courses through 2012 and spearheaded research during her time there. As the 2007 recipient of the Betty Yarborough Outstanding Graduate in Reading Education from Old Dominion University, she understands the importance of obtaining a good, quality education and the importance of high achievement in academics. Faith has been teaching for almost two decades locally in the Tidewater Area. She has taught in the private and public sect and has taken on many different teaching roles throughout her career.

Faith believes that education is a profession that involves continuous growth and development to meet the challenges and ever-changing demands which students, parents and teachers face; therefore, she strives to continue learning to enhance her teaching leadership abilities as well as remain current with new teaching strategies. She had conducted various workshops in the private and public realm to train teachers on best practices in the classroom. She brings that expertise to the tutoring platform to meet the student where he is she current resides and builds on that capacity to move the student towards progress and mastery.

Furthermore, as an experienced educator, Faith has worked with numerous diverse populations of students and colleagues and has the ability to adapt her teaching strategies to cater to the varying academic and emotional needs of all students and teachers.

She is very comfortable working with young children through adult age and has the ability to instill confidence and a sense of responsibility within each individual by setting standards, developing collaborative learning, encouraging positive social interaction, and ensuring a safe and rewarding learning environment. One of Faith’s strengths lies in her ability to take on increasing leadership responsibilities with the goal of shaping student’s minds and implementing the instructional curriculum in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Her extensive educational knowledge and drive has led her to co-establish her own tutoring company called All Academic Plus. Offering an expansive educational array of services such as, tutoring, test prep, foreign language courses, adult learning, speech therapy, summer camps, aftercare, etc., Faith bases her business practices on the foundation of research-based knowledge, effectively proven technological tools, and leadership skills.

She pours her heart and soul into this business by encouraging and inspiring effective, personalized private and small group instruction to her students. Faith is extremely confident in her ability to stimulate and motivate individuals towards personal growth and achievement with her tutoring and looks forward to making a positive impact in her community through her public service.

Viviana Andrade-Fullwood
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Se habla espanol.

Viviana Andrade-Fullwood has been an educational entrepreneur since 1999. She took a leap of faith and founded her first tutoring business in 2008. She uses this expansive knowledge daily when communicating with parents and local schools. She assists the homeschool communities with her innovative ideas and provides a plethora of expertise when it comes to personalized, meaningful tutoring.

With a degree in Marketing and Leadership Skills, she has effectively developed what was once a small tutoring business and made it into a thriving, results-driven company. As she continues to expand her entrepreneurship and educational expertise, she desires to impact the community and the students she serves. It is this underlying drive that led her to co-partner with Faith in the educational field and create All Academics Plus. As a team they plan to build a solid foundation for the community to rely on them as an educational resource company.

Viviana is an active volunteer at Sage and Page Homeschool Cooperative, and is an active Board Director for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Coast Virginia.

Viviana is passionate about the educational field; consequently she teaches her two sons the importance of being a life-long learner, and feels strongly about setting the bar high with children so they will succeed in their future endeavors.